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Transportation Department

1264 Belmont Ave, Mendota   

Director of Operations: Richard Carlos

Coordinator: Rito Ramirez

Rosa Lopez M.O.T Secretary

Office: 559-655-3433

Our mission is to promote safe and reliable journeys for our students. Our dedicated drivers and staff will foster a secure and supportive environment by prioritizing our students’ welfare, operating a well maintained fleet, demonstrating punctuality, and displaying professionalism along the way.

Focus on SAFETY:

  • Ongoing and up to date driver training
  • Comprehensive vehicle maintenance
  • Vehicle replacement program
  • Active (DMV) monitoring of District drivers

Student - Centered - It is our intent to remain sensitive to our students by:

  • Supporting ongoing staff training focused on pupil management 
  • Creating positive relationships with parents and staff
  • Communicating with parents and student to provide necessary information to safely ride our buses

Any questions, comments, or concerns should immediately be brought to the attention of the transportation department.